Client Spotlight: Alexandra's Prom Journey

One of my favorite photos

I don't usually do prom dresses, but this one was special.  I have known Robin, her Mom, for years.....and even made a dress for her years ago, when she was going to an event. 

When Alexandra, came along we all (friends and family) watched her grow up and she became interested in baking.  She even has an Instagram page, @the_sleepy_baker.  This is where she shows off all her baking creations....and she is quite creative.

So now she is off to college, but there is a HS tradition she will participate in with her friends.....The Prom! 

The dress she showed me a photo of a strapless dress with a full skirt with pockets.  The color needed to be blue, the group she was going with choose shades of blue.  Alexandra's dress was a light blue with black embellishments of lace and a black bow at the waist.

The first fitting was in a cotton muslin and the fit was good, then that's where the trouble begins....I'll explain.

After the first fitting, I alter the pattern, I then know how much fabric to get.  Off to my favorite fabric source, Preview Fabrics, in the garment district.  Handed them my swatch and then the office manager had that look a designer dreads.....we don't have that color and haven't had it for a long's on order and we will have it by June 16th. The prom is June 6th....OH GOD OH GOD WE HAVE A SITUATION HERE! 

A couple of things I am grateful for, my sales associate new of a stash in the back and was looking out for me. Technology, I texted Robin, who works around the corner.  With new swatches in hand I ran around to show her new swatches.  We made a choice and the beautiful silk/cotton fabric was chosen.

The fitting in the fabric went well and with a few more details to add I was almost finished.

 I added a petticoat under the dress which I created in Blue to match the Shades of Blue theme.

Also the lace trim on the skirt....and here we go again.....a problem.  On the bottom of the dress there was a lace trim that just would not make it onto the dress.  When I went shopping for the lace, I either found lace that wasn't lovely or it was too expensive.  I did finally settle on a Chantilly lace I liked, but it wasn't quite as wide as I wanted, but it would do.  Anyway, this was the last bit on the dress and  was almost I thought.

At 11:30 pm after working on this for a few hours, I almost gave up, but then got a second wind and continued on.  I would work on it till 3 am and threw in the white flag, tearfully texted Robin, that I could not get that lace on the dress.  The last thing I wanted to do was disappoint her daughter.....I am grateful, because Alexandra was OK....yes it wasn't as planned, but still she would be stunning.

At the end of the day this journey ended with beautiful smiles and a Mom who would beam with pride.  She told me how all the girls were pulling up their dresses from slipping down, Alexandra was just standing confidently, because she her dress fit perfectly.

Thank you to a beautiful young lady.

Everything perfect right down to the blue nail polish.





  • Antoinette

    OMG CASSANDRA…’s been 20yrs since you did my wedding dress. You are still amazing. What a stunning young lady, job well done.

  • roslyn smith

    Cassandy, your creations make everyone feel beautiful. Alexandra looked elegant, beautiful, and self-confident in that lovely gown.

  • Jennifer Sallie

    U should b so proud she looked lovely it is so nice to c something positive about our youth and u help give her a memory she will never forget.Robin has worked so hard to put her on the right path u just know she will do great things Kudos to u for all ur talent.Black is truly Beautiful!!

  • Cassandra

    Alexandra it was a pleasure! Black Cinderella! Love it!

  • Alexandra

    I want to thank you again for making my dress. I got compliments all night long. They called me the “Black Cinderella”.

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