About Me

OK here goes....

I am a longtime Brooklynite (can't say native, I was born in the largest culturally diverse borough Queens, but I have grown up in Brooklyn).  This is where I create each and every one of my products. My business has existed since the 1990's (creating wedding gowns and social occasion dresses).

I now focus on vintage and culturally inspired Ready to Wear, for today's independent fashionable women.

I love to patchwork fabric and create something from that, but I have found that patchwork is symbolic for how I approach design.  I am inspired by so many things.  A visit to the museum, can result in one wave.  Then watching an old movie moves me in another direction.  A friend of mine once told me I am like potpourri, all kinds of things mixed up.  At that time I didn't feel that it was a compliment, but then I have decided to celebrate that mixture of creativity.  I like to make things and that's OK. 

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Please check back I am always making things and don't hesitate to email me a question, cabcomp@aol.com.

Cassandra Bromfield


...and then there is On Set Tailoring.  My Singer and I have been behind the scenes of many TV, small theater productions, and fashion shows.   As someone pointed out, you can get a call and meet some reality star or its a major A list star.  Who ever it is me and my Singer get the job done.