Skirt Stories: Olive Green Corduroy with Zippers

Corduroy Skirt

 She had to make a run into the city to pick up supplies.  As she was enjoying her favorite podcast she notices an older gentleman staring at her.  At first she thought, 'Ok maybe I've got a secret admirer....'.  Then she felt him just glaring at her and it was beginning to creep her out.....she can't take the staring any longer and starts shouting, "DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, POPS? WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME".  Startled and a bit confused, she can see his eyes welling up, "I'm so sorry, it's your skirt, you see I am a Veteran and my wife was very creative.  She took my old uniform and made a skirt just like the one you are wearing.  I loved seeing her in that skirt and It just brought back a beautiful memory and I miss her very much.....I guess it was her way of saying hello......I'm so sorry to have bothered you".  He then got off the train with tears in his eyes.........'oh my bad......'


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