Screen Actors Guild Flashback

Ruby Dee Davis

The Golden Globes 2021 are coming up this weekend and I am reminded of my Screen Actors Guild Red Carpet moment with a legend.

Here is that my re-accounting of that magical night in 2008:

It's 5:40 pm and the Screen Actors Guild red carpet coverage is about start. Ruby Dee legendary actress is nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Award. I designed her gown for the event.

My red carpet moment begins.
Switching between the E Channel and TV Guide (they need to get Joan Rivers back), I watched the inane interviews that reduced everyone to silly school kids at a prom. It was torture. Actors and Actresses exchanged dialogue about staying in shape and stilletos. They were fawned over by the interviewers who tried to predict a win for everyone.

"I think tonight's your night"
"I've got a good feeling about this"
"I thought you were fantastic, you've got to win!''


About 1 hour and 45 minutes in I spied Miss Dee just beyond Cate Blanchett and her belly (she's pregnant).

Then I knew Miss Dee would be interviewed and asked dumb stupid questions. Most importantly, as Beyonce would say, "Say my name, say my name".

Fade to black, a commercial.

Of course they needed to build the suspense of interviewing an American treasure, a legend whos' body of work includes "A Raisin in the Sun" and "Do The Right Thing". An actress that stood tall and maintained a career in an industry that had few roles available for women of color. She deserved a place of honor on the red carpet.

7:45 Back from the commercial break

and WHO IS THIS! It sure ain't Miss Dee in a 4ply silk bias cut gown, sayin' my name.

The two hour red carpet coverage was over and hallabaloo for me will come another day. I want to give a thumbs up to Sandra Oh who acknowledged a local designer in Korea Town.

8:00pm the Show begins, I relax, say my name, will not be happening this red carpet and I still have the 5 picture inset of the nominees when Best Supporting Actress category is announced.

Seemed like it was about 9:20pm they announced coming back from a commercial break upcoming stars. "We'll be right back with RUBY DEE..." I heard nothing else, just RUBY DEE. Again fade to black.

Oh so, like Micky Rooney she will get a moment and I will see a full length version of the gown.

Well it took a one more commercial break but then the announcer "And Now RUBY DEE". She glided across the stage to present the film clip to American Gangster. I leaned back with pride she looked beautiful. I was so proud!

So a few moments later the best supporting actress category was announced. Five accomplished actresses were announced and

9:45 She Won!

Her gown of 4ply silk with an embroidered lace and with bronze colored pearls, mother of pearl leaf beads and amber quartz beads embellish her bias cut gown
With Grace amongst peers who stood to honor her, she accepted her due. Standing tall, her beauty was unmatched. A friend called to tell me how gorgeous she looked. At 83 WOW! Honoring her husband with the work he's doing in heaven, Ruby Dee Davis is an extraordinary woman and I had and extraordinary experience. 

See TCM's Tribute to Ruby Dee and take note of her Civil Rights fight and how she managed hair care for African American Actors in the industry.


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