I Got the Call

You can see the full look here styled and in all it's glory


New York Times Best Dressed


It was Monday or Tuesday (it's all a blurr) and I got a IG message from  Rick Ramsey of Style Council (https://bit.ly/39QnB0m).  He's a celebrity stylist and he was dressing a Pulitzer Prize Winning Writer, Lynn Nottage for the Tony awards.  Did I have any gowns hanging that would be appropriate for the Tony's......UHHHHHHH.......NO.

Thinking that was it, but there was more.  He had peeked at my IG page and one of my skirts was picked as a do you have this one.  I thought I can make that and got to work.......not so fast.  I was going to the Garment Center to pick up more supplies to finish. Then I got another call....BIG CHANGE....I saw the mood board and felt I could make something that was on that list of ideas.

Back to Brooklyn to show the stylist color palettes, when that was chosen, I got to patching. 

I was kind of finished by Thursday, there was a fitting, for the hem.  Not so fast, another request, the sleeve needed more drama.


Much better!

It was a crazy week and still floating on the magic!


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