Mother of the Groom

This Mother of the Groom, was a woman who love color and style.  That meant her dress wasn't going to be average. 

She chose the colors in the bridal party, but as she said in a post she chose all of them.  This combination was spectacular.  When we began the top was going to be long sleeve, and I had the cowls to high up, it just covered too much.  I lowered the cowl, took the sleeves off and dipped the was so much better!

Her 2 piece ensemble was a cowl neck sleeveless top (silk Charmuese blue) with a dip in the back with a glass bead and semi precious stone strains embellishing the back.  The top with a row of patchwork.  The skirt was a silk Georgette fitted and flaired with hand made silk flowers dotted along the leg.  The lining was a light orange sherbet color peaking out from the hem, which you can see when she dances.

She was a spectacular!

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