The Anna Murray Douglass Dress Returns


When we left St Augustine Florida, we left the Anna Murray Douglass Dress for further projects they had going on. We knew we left it in good hands. Today....well that day, depending on when you are watching, the dress returned to Brooklyn, NY. The Woman's Exchange (Women's Exchange), refers to a system of benevolent consignment stores, usually established and managed by women, to benefit women. A number of them are members of the Federation of Woman's Exchanges (1934), which is still active.

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I have only been to the 2 Chapters now, St. Augustine and Brooklyn. The shops are filled with lovely merchandise all companies owned by women. We had a beautiful Lunch and enjoyed catching up with Jane and her Daughter. They are planning to do an event that covers Zora Neal Hurston who lived in St. Augustine and wrote one of her books there.

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Making the Anna Murray Douglass Dress:

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