SSSVEDA day 3 asks the question...Who was your greatest mentor? 

On Aruna Evan's video this is how I answered...Hard for me to say who has been my greatest mentor, but I can make reference to Amsale Aberra, a bridal gown designer who passed away this week. She and I never met, so her mentoring came from a distance and a small business conference that her husband spoke at. He talked about how they began the company in the apartment and all that sounded so familiar....because I create in my apartment. They grew the company by taking chances and she became a POWERHOUSE in the industry. Her stylish beautiful gowns were show stopping and there are few women of color in the industry at this level. Amsale was Ethiopian...but I can probably write a thesis on who are my mentors.

My video has nothing to do with that answer..I took a bit from Easter Sunday Street Dancers.

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