In Tribute

When I was in elementary school I had already been to many of the NYC museums, before many of the class trips.  My Mother who was a NYC school teacher, made sure I was fully immersed in the arts.  She filled my world with art by taking me to all the NYC Museums.....which brings me to one of our last museum visits together.

This must have been in the late 90's (don't remember the exact year) but she had a Whitney membership and we were able to go to the early opening....My mother had a great respect for art, even though Andy Warhol did not seem like her speed, it didn't matter, it was art and it was interesting. There we were two sort of patrons of the arts, wandering around the exhibit looking very different than the other members....A female guard even yelled at her. She stopped to lean on something because she was getting tired, but M.Elaine handled it with kindness and smooth things over. I was more annoyed because the guard and us were the same...couldn't she have spoken to her....anyway you get the the end the evening, she brought me the book from the exhibit .

The video below celebrates that artistic spirit that my Mother cultivated in me for many years.


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