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How Much It Matters

 Sarah, Ivana, Grace first interview in February Back in February I got an email from Grace Remington, who stated she and her colleagues were creating a documentary on Lindsay Park.  Believing the email was spam, I responded, but not hitting reply, I created a separate email.....that she never got.  Grace is a true researcher and she called me.  After we talked I resent her an email containing many, maaaaaany, maaaaaaaaaaaaaany videos that I have done about Lindsay Park.  I gave her a link to my 8 MM Project (go ahead I dare you to look) and a link to my other playlist Lindsay Park Williamsburg Brooklyn.  To my surprise......she viewed them.   I have lived with photos for years,...

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In Tribute

When I was in elementary school I had already been to many of the NYC museums, before many of the class trips.  My Mother who was a NYC school teacher, made sure I was fully immersed in the arts.  She filled my world with art by taking me to all the NYC Museums.....which brings me to one of our last museum visits together. This must have been in the late 90's (don't remember the exact year) but she had a Whitney membership and we were able to go to the early opening....My mother had a great respect for art, even though Andy Warhol did not seem like her speed, it didn't matter, it was art and it was interesting. There...

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