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It was a grand day for a parade and this year got out there did all the creatives. The Bonnet Parade NYC. Starting as a spontaneous event in the 1870s, the New York parade became increasingly popular into the mid-20th century—in 1947, it was estimated to draw over a million people. Although the numbers have declined over the years, the enthusiasm and creativity has flourished. Read more about the history here, The Museum of the City of NY, . I hope you view till the end, there is a gentleman I met last year who did a 6 O'Clock kick and I see him again this year and DEMANDED he reprise his kick and he obliged.

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We Came Together

Easter 2022 Not since 2019 has 5th ave has been embellished with crepe paper/flowers/glitter and more. We all came together to celebrate and rejoice. The beginning of the video take notice the Easter Hat and the Seder Hat. This is the first time in 30 years that Judaism’s Passover, Christianity’s Easter and Islam’s holy month of Ramadan are converging on the same day.....I pray we come together in peace.

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Easter Sunday 2019

It's the annual Easter Parade here in NYC on the world famous 5th avenue...where the photographers will snap! Although the parade ended early, before 2pm the cops were shutting it down (online it's posted till 4pm).  The parade continued on the sidewalk.

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