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The First Day in Florida

The dress is now in St. Augustine, Florida, teaching lessons of support.  I posted our first night video here Stills of our first night at Peña-Peck house, where the dress is on display. This was the moment I heard my voice on the video.  I had send them videos of myself creating the dress.  I knew they were going to display those video, but it just hit me and I was filled with gratitude. The room was beautifully prepped for "The Dress"  

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The Wedding Dress of Anna Murray Douglass

This is the last in the series, Making of the Anna Murray Douglass dress. The dress was created from a plum silk taffeta. I machine quilted the center front and then beaded with garnet beads. Although I sewed the majority of the dress on the sewing machine, my thoughts is that the dress in it's time period, would have been made by hand. I didn't have that kind of time. Link in bio for other videos in this series Anna Murray Douglass    It was such a beautiful event. Ms. Lana Turner planned this event in a short period, but the real miracle was how she met Michelle V. Agins from the New York Times. At a party they met...

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Anna Murray Douglass Dress: Making the Stay

At first I thought I would just buy a corset to wear under the dress, but then quickly changed my mind. I wanted to get the full effect of what Mrs. Douglass might of felt like on that day. I knew that an 19th century woman may have worn some type of corset/stay under the dress, but needed to find out which she might have worn in that time. My research turned up a Stay. I found this from a website called The Dreamstress: The term stays probably comes from the French estayer: to support, because that is exactly what stays did. Stays turned the torso into a stiff, inverted cone, raising and supporting the bust, and providing a solid...

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