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Into My Life in Maine

This is so exciting Into My Life is going to be at the Camden International Film Festival, September 13 - 16 2018.  Who would have thought a box of wait in 1962, my Mother never would have thought her interest in film would have traveled so far and met with so many great opportunities. This is a great honor to be in collaboration with Grace, Ivana, and Sarah, and and and Union Docs.....PS a BIG shout out to Dijifi who I began converting the film to digital has been an extraordinary experience, that I am so grateful for.

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The Day Is Here

My Aunt Nona's little Geoffrey Beene gold beaded dress is now on display at the Museum of the City of New York.  The exhibition is Mod New York, Fashion Takes a Trip.....and you can bop and bounce through the exhibit listening to the sound track of the time.  The exhibit features designers Geoffrey Beene, Ruby Bailey, Pauline Trigére, and more. Mod NY Thru April 2018 Museum of the City of NY 1220 Fifth Ave (at 103rd Street) See the Geoffrey Beene Dress journey The Dresses Delivering the Dress

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Once Upon a Time...

Once Upon a time, we thought we ruled the world.  We were talented, had ideas, and little to NO money....but that didn't stop us. In 1996 4 designers got together and we decided to put on a fashion show a Brooklyn, Bedford Stuyvesant backyard... We invited everyone, via word of mouth and postcards.   Our friends and family came and supported us...... The designers Cassandra Bromfield: http://cassandra-bromfield.myshopify....Bryan K. Osburn: Fleetwood: McDonald passed away in 2008. Her spirit and creativity lives on.....

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