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The Harlem Aesthetic Mother's Day Event

You are invited to a creative weekend Harlem Aesthetic, hosted by The Gadson Gallery and Shimoda Accessories.  Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12th 12 - 6pm The Gadson Gallery 225 West 134th Stree Harlem NY between Adam Clayton Powell and Frederick Douglas Blvd.   Come and meet these incredible Artists Anu Essentials Home, Body and Spiritual Luxury Sweet Octavia Lois Kinley: Women's Fashion Lisa McFadden Millinery Arts I'll be there too!

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Your Invited to Harlem for the Holidays

We are gathered together in December 8th and 9th for a creative fun filled weekend. I will be there with these artists, Sweet Octavia (Fashion), Pat Mabry (Patchwork), Latrella Thornton (Crochet), Art from the Planet (Accessories & Home Decor) and of course our Hostesses Shimoda (Jewelry, Accessories and Books) and Laura R. Gadson (Home decor, glassware, and more). December 8th and 9th 12pm - 6pm 225 West 134th Street btwn Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Frederick Douglass Blvd 212-694-0262 Visit

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