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Yup there is A LOT going on and no matter what is said.....VOTE Polling information: Get your Booty to the Polls: Register to vote: Mail in ballot USPS: Absentee Voting: Adopt a State:

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Making Black Beans

I got this crock pot as a Christmas Gift about 15+ years ago. It only goes on to high or low heat, but it does do the job of making beans. One day I will get one of those Insta Pots, for now my Crock Pot is fine. I didn't measure the spices, it was more like eyeballing. The salt was about 1/2 teaspoon, because you can taste at the near end and correct it, but when you add too much salt it's just salty. The olives and the bacon have salt in it so just wait and taste.Cilantro, not everyone likes it so leave it out and use something else you do like. I also should have chopped the...

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As I was walking down 5th Ave, I passed the Marble Church (, the fence around the church was covered with orange ribbons.  As beautiful as it was to see these colorful ribbons flapping in the wind was, they symbolized a more regrettable fact....Gun Violence has killed more than 12,000 people since Columbine, more than 1600 were children and teens. " On Saturday, October 13, 2018, Marble Collegiate Church unveiled its new ribbon initiative, Prayers of Remembrance and Peace. A few words were spoken from their Senior Minister, Dr. Michael Bos and was followed by guests and officials tying the names of Gun Violence Victims on the church’s fence. On Sunday, October 14, after the 11:00am Worship service, our congregation...

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